Each Auction is Different
Each auction is different in regard to what is for sale; this is the nature of auctions. However every auction––whether you are an arcade & pinball collector / hobbyist, route operator, or an amusement distributor buying and selling––has something for everyone! 

We Specialize in Coin-Operated Amusement Equipment
The Nashville Arcade Auction specializes in auctioning Coin-Operated Amusement Equipment. You can expect to see pinball machines, arcade games, air hockey, pool tables, foosball tables, jukeboxes, dart games, touch screens, change machines, redemption games, kiddie rides, cranes, and other amusement / coin-operated items.

Is there a time to preview and inspect the equipment before the auction begins?
You can preview the equipment before the auction. Equipment may be viewed & inspected the Friday night prior to the auction from 6PM to 9PM. The doors open at 8AM on the day of the sale and you may use this time for previewing equipment as well. You are encouraged to bring an extension cord and a flashlight with you to plug in and test any item you may have an interest in prior to placing a bid as all sales are final.

Do you have a list of equipment being sold at the auction?
There is not a list. This is a consignment auction and equipment is brought and checked into the auction on Friday and Saturday morning before the auction begins. As a result, we have no way of knowing what will be there until equipment arrives on site and is consigned to be sold.

Where does the equipment come from?
Equipment is brought to site the day prior / the morning of by amusement route operators, distributors, dealers, family entertainment centers, collectors, banks, and private individuals from all over the country.



What are the fee's associated with buying an item at the auction?
Non-Operators & Non-Consignors pay a 10% buyers premium on all purchases (add 3% if using card) plus TN sales tax. Consigners and Operators pay a $10 per item handling fee per lot purchased.

Here's an example:

  • You buy a Jukebox with a winning bid of $500.00
  • 10% Buyers Premium = $50.00
  • Tennessee Sales Tax at 9.25% = $46.25
  • Total amount due to Nashville Arcade Auction is $596.25 for your purchase.

If I am the winning bidder, when can I remove equipment from the auction?
You do not need to stay until the conclusion of the auction. Immediately following your winning bid you can go to the check-out counter, pay for your equipment, and leave with it. We do have staff members & equipment to help you load your purchases.

NOTE:  All equipment must be removed from the building within 4 hours of the last piece sold.

What payment methods do you accept at the auction?
Cash, Cashiers Checks, Company Checks with a Bank Letter of Guarantee, Credit Cards (VISA, MC, DISCOVER, & AMEX). No personal checks!

Can I bid on items without being in attendance?
At this time we do not have a way for you to bid without being present. You must be present to bid on items. 

Does the equipment I buy come with a warranty?
No. All equipment sold at the auction is sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied. All sales are final. This is why we offer a preview period that allows you to inspect the equipment you may be interested in bidding on.

Do I have to pay sales tax on equipment bought?
Yes, unless the proper coin-op industry related sales tax exemption forms are present on the day of the auction, we have to collect Tennessee sales tax.

Further buyer info
All purchases must be paid in full and removed the day of the sale. Any purchases left behind by a buyer will be subject to a $200 removal fee charge. This may be charged to a card on file or held against your account for future involvement with our auctions.

Any announcements made the day of sale may supersede any printed material.



What are the fee's charged to sell an item at the auction?
Consignors pay $10 registration fee per lot and 10% of the sales price ($10 minimum and $100 maximum). Current copy of your state Tax Exemption Certificate must be presented when registering or pay sales tax, no exceptions.

Example #1:

  • You bring a Pinball and the sold price is $1200.00
  • 10% Seller Premium = ( – $100 Maximum Per item)
  • Entry Fee = ( – $10)
  • You will receive a check for $1090.00

Example #2:

  • You bring an arcade game and the sold price is $400.00
  • 10% Sellers Premium = ( – $40.00)
  • Entry Fee = ( – $10.00)
  • You will receive a check for $350.00

When can I bring equipment to be consigned for the auction?
Items are accepted on Friday the day before the auction from noon until 9PM. We also accept items on Saturday the morning of the auction from 7am- 10am. We'll help you unload your equipment and get it checked in for you.

Please note:  We reserve the right to refuse entry of non-coin operated equipment, stripped out games, non-working redemption equipment, vending machines, grey area equipment, etc.

Can I use the money I make from my equipment sales to purchase other equipment at the auction?
Yes you can! Many operators and dealers do this in order to trade in equipment they no longer need and acquire new equipment that they want at the auction. If you buy more than you sell, you will need to pay the difference. Or if you sell more than you buy, we will pay you the difference.

If I sell equipment, when do I get paid?
We pay consignors the day of the auction by check shortly after the auction ends. If you can't attend the auction, we will be happy to mail your check to you.

Further Seller Info
All non-sold "pass" equipment is the responsibility of the consignee to remove from the establishment at the conclusion of the auction. Any unsold equipment left behind by a seller will be subject to a $200 removal fee. This may be charged to a card on file or held against your account on “credit hold” status for future involvement with our auctions. 

Any announcements made the day of sale may supersede any printed material.